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Main Research and Application Areas

      Computing Centre RAS (established in 1955) is a leading research institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences engaged in developing computational methods, software, mathematical models and applying them to various fields of science and technology.

      The main research and application areas of the Computing Centre are as follows:

- Computational Fluid Dynamics.
- Mathematical Physics.
- Mathematical Modeling of Climatic Ecological Processes and other Nonlinear Phenomena.
- Mechanics of Solid Bodies. Elastic-Plastic Problems.
- Pattern Recognition and Image Analysis.
- Computer Aided Design.
- Optimization Methods. Linear and Nonlinear Programming.
- Analitical Mechanics and Lyapunov's Stability of Motion.
- Dynamics of Rigid Bodies. Space Dynamics.
- Interactive Optimization and Decision Support Systems.
- Parallel Computing.
- Artificial Intelligence. Expert Systems. Applied Intelligent Systems.
- Mathematical Modeling of Economic Processes.
- Development of Software.

      The Computing Centre issues scientific proceedings on the above subjects. Starting from 1960 one of the most prestigious journals,"Journal of Computational Mathematics and Mathematical Physics", has been published by the Computing Centre. This journal is translated into English and is well known in the world. Our researchers publish their results in many other Russian and international scientific journals as well.

      Additional information about the Computing Centre RAS may be obtained from
Dr. L.V.Shurshalov - phone:(095) 135-02-28, E-mail: wcan@ccas.ru
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